20231010_LSIC-FNIRS_04459_v2.1 20231010_LSIC-FNIRS_04459_v2.1
Functional Near-infrared Spectroscopy (fNIRS)


  • Low interference with motion artifacts - better tolerance to body motion, which makes fNIRS suitable for a wider range of cognitive task studies;

  • High temporal and spatial resolution - higher temporal resolution compared to fMRI and higher spatial resolution compared to EEG
20231010_LSIC-FNIRS_04478 20231010_LSIC-FNIRS_04478
20230518_FNIRS-DSC00088 20230518_FNIRS-DSC00088
20231010_LSIC-FNIRS_04484 20231010_LSIC-FNIRS_04484
20230518_FNIRS-DSC00085 20230518_FNIRS-DSC00085