Electroencephalogram (EEG)

Brand: EGI
Model: Geodesic Sensor Net (GSN)+Net Amps 400 amplifiers+ Net Station 5 software

  • Simple and time-saving - the saline electrode caps allow high quality EEG data to be obtained without the need for excessive head measurements or glue, and without abrasion of the scalp;

  • Comfortable to wear - provides a comfortable, low-stress experience for participants, making it easy for infants, children, or those with behavioral disorders;

  • Multimodal imaging capability - for simultaneous acquisition of EEG signals in MRI equipment;

  • Low noise - the maximum signal loss in an EGI system is 0.025% at 50k skin impedance, which is negligible.
20231010_LSIC-EEG_04589 20231010_LSIC-EEG_04589
20231010_LSIC-EEG_04608 20231010_LSIC-EEG_04608